Valley 1st Services


Overdraft Privilege

In the event of an overdraft in your checking account,Valley 1st will transfer funds from savings or other deposit accounts for a nominal fee.

Visa Debit Cards

Allow access to your share draft (checking) accounts and can be used anywhere in the world that Visa cards are accepted. With the debit card you can make purchases at all participating merchants or make cash withdrawals at all designated ATM machines. The the transaction is takes place in "real time". The Visa debit card is offered to members with no fees attached so that you will have the peace of mind to use it whenever and wherever you like. Visa debit cards - it's the card that works like a check.

Lost or stolen Visa Debit Card? Please call 1-800-991-4961.


Two ATM's are available for your convenience. In Monessen, there is no need to get out of the car, and at Wal-Mart enjoy the convenience of our ATM inside the store. Both are available 24 hours a day to provide withdrawals or cash advances. There is no charge to Valley 1st Community members and most other CU members using a credit union debit or credit card. There will be a $2.00 charge for all others. For other no charge ATM machines in PA check the CU$ icon for various locations.

Two Lane Drive-Thru Teller Windows

For your convenience, the CU provides two, easy access teller windows that can be utilized from the comfort of your own car. We ask that transactions done thru the drive-thru be kept to one or two routine transactions at each visit, and no rolled coin deposits will be allowed.

Valley 1st Talk

Audio response system With Valley 1st Talk's 24-hour telephone teller system, you can reach your accounts anytime day or night. In effect, Valley 1st puts a teller in your home, office, car or anywhere there is a touch-tone telephone. With Valley 1st Talk you can check your share and loan balances; make check withdrawals; transfer funds; make loan payments; inquire about cleared drafts; check on deposits and withdrawals; request tax information; and much, much more. When you call Valley 1st Talk, a friendly voice will guide you through your transaction. Changes to your account are made immediately, accurately and confidentially.

Dial Valley 1st Talk at 724-684-3748. See full disclosure for more details.

Money Orders

Travelers Express Money Orders are available at the credit union office. With Travelers Express Money Orders comes peace of mind that, with the proper ID, they can be replaced if lost or stolen, anywhere in the world! Money Orders can be purchased with cash, checks, or transfer from your account, up to $500.00 each. Cost to members is $1.00 per money order.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is available for payroll, Social Security and Pension Checks. With Direct Deposit your funds will be sent electronically and deposited to your credit union account the day of receipt. A convenient and safe way to have deposits on loan payments made.

Payroll Deduction

Payroll Deduction is available to participating employer groups. With payroll deduction you can have all or part of your paychecks sent to the credit union from your employer for deposits and/or loan payments. It's a convenient way to build your share account or to reduce your loan balance. Currently, the credit union receives payroll deduction from 12 companies and associations in the area. All employer groups must be located in within our charter area.

Notary Service

The credit union provides free notary service to all members.

Virtual Live Branch

Home Banking Program With Valley 1st Virtual Live Branch home banking system, you can reach your accounts anytime, from your computer at home or work. Valley 1st Virtual Live Branch home banking makes accessing your accounts easier than ever with up-to-date account information. Using either 40-bit or 128-bit encryption security, Virtual Live Branch provides secure communications to make your on-line transaction safe. With Valley 1st Virtual Live Branch you can check your share and loan balances; transfer funds; make loan payments; inquire about cleared drafts; check on deposits and withdrawals; request tax information; apply for a loan or credit card; and order drafts (checks).

See full disclosure for more details.

Bill Payment Program

Take advantage of one of the most convenient time-saving services we have to offer. Members with internet access will be able to pay bills electronically. The bill payment system allows members to pay bills using their home computer without the need for checks, envelopes and stamps. Best of all its FREE! Click on the link to access this new and exciting service.

Personal Checks

Valley 1st Community F.C.U. members, now you can reorder your Personal Checks and check-related products online! Your credit union has online reordering through Check Printing Solutions; you can place your reorder by clicking on the link above.